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Has an investigative team caught a full-bodied appartition on film, or is it just a shadow?

Ghost Theory writes:

Strange. The Anomalist recently posted a link to an interesting YouTube video in which is said to show a “full bodied apparition”.

“My paranormal team investigated a 120 year old building (now a deli) and while investigating in the raised ceiling area (now a walk-in attic) we caught one of the most amazing pieces of evidence we’ve ever seen.
This evidence has been seen and analyzed by Paul Bradford of “GHI”, Bill Murphey of “Fact or Faked”, Micah Hanks & Scotty Roberts the Founders of “Intrepid Magazine”, Founders of “Mufon”, Dr. Rita Louise, UFO expert Anthony Sanchez and others from around the Paranormal community.”

An interesting list of well-known investigators are listed as having reviewed the video. No mention as to what their conclusions were, but it’s an impressive list. (shout outs to my friend the famous Mr. Hanks)

The video shows an interesting dark shadow moving in an erratic manner in some dark attic. Nothing more, nothing less.

Read more at ghosttheory.com

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