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Daniel Huf of Melbourne, Australia.

These stories are all too common in the world of the weird. You’d think people would be a little more sure and positive that their loved one is dead and gone before planning a burial.

I guess I would believe he was gone too after being in this vehicle when it crashed.

9 News writes:

A man pronounced dead following a car crash by Australian paramedics who then left the scene has been discharged from hospital after making a remarkable recovery, a report said Friday.

Daniel Huf, 30, was trapped upside down in the wreckage of a Porsche in a Melbourne suburb and was declared dead after being treated at the scene on April 1.

He was reportedly left in the car for up to an hour as police began their investigations until emergency services officials began removing what they thought was a corpse and discovered a feeble pulse.

Read more at news.ninemsn.com.au

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