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Now here’s a skill not everyone has, although we know one or two around here at the Museum of the Weird that eat a bit more glass than the doctor recommends.

One stunt man, RJ Williams, has perfected his glass lightbulb eating so much so that he’s  set a world record!

The Huffington Post writes:

If  R.J. Wiliams doesn’t feel so light on his feet right now, there’s good reason: He just swallowed a lightbulb in 33.86 seconds.

The resident of Brooklyn made his mark on history (and his gastrointestinal track) on December 9 and the adjudicators at recordsetter.com were there to make sure that everything was on the up-and-up as the lightbulb went down.

The rules that Williams followed were simple: He had to use a standard, household light bulb; he had to eat everything excluding the metal parts; he could only use his teeth to break and eat the light bulb and he could only wash it down with water.

The video is a little dark, (not surprising, considering Williams was eating the very thing that could have improved the picture quality), but you can definitely see Williams chowing down.

Bon appetit!

Read more @ huffingtonpost.com


Watch the video here to see RJ and his wild ability in action!

I’d love to hear the, I’m sure to be crazy,  story that goes with the discovering such a talent.

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