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How crazy is this?! This man impales himself through the eye-socket with pruning shears and lives to talk about it!

MSNBC writes:

TUCSON, Ariz. — An 86-year-old Arizona man is expected to make a full recovery after being impaled through his eye socket with pruning shears.

University Medical Center said Monday that Leroy Luetscher of Green Valley was working in his yard on July 30 when he dropped a pair of pruning shears, which landed point-side down in the ground.

When Luetscher went to pick them up, he lost his balance and fell face-down on the handle.

The handle penetrated his eye socket and went down into his neck, resting on the external carotid artery.

“You wouldn’t believe your eyes,” trauma surgeon Dr. Julie Wynne said in a statement. “Half of the pruning shears was sticking out and the other half was in his head.”

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