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I’ve wanted a nice motorcycle for a while. I’ve been looking at all kinds of different styles and decided I wanted something simple, elegant and classy. Now, I want a crazy dragon bike that shoots fire after seeing what’s possible from this guy!

Dailymail.co.uk writes:

This remarkable motorbike looks like it’s straight out of a film set – but remarkably an artist has made it out of spare parts.

The Bangkok worker used recycled materials from old cars and bicycles to create a monster machine which is sculpted to look like a beast.

Despite being cobbled together from scrap parts, the spectacular motorcycle works – unlike many sci-fi film props.

Roongrojna Sangwongprisarn, 54, created it out of spare parts in his workshop in Thailand. He has four shops across the country – named the Ko Art Shop – and exports his creations to clients all over the world.

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