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Now, I’ve done a few extreme sports in my time but this is on a whole other level. This dude jumps off the craziest cliffs he can find only to land in a pile of snow, that’s it! How crazy?!

Dailymial.co.uk writes:

This is the moment a professional skier defied death – plummeting 250 foot down a cliff edge to seemingly land on his head.

Amazingly Jamie Pierre walked away from the intentional stunt without so much as a scratch after being dug out of the six foot ‘bomb hole’ by his photographer.

Mr Pierre, a professional skier, revealed the secret behind his apparently suicidal stunt.

He said: ‘Although it looks like I landed on my head, I actually landed on my back.

‘I was bent at the waist and landed how a stuntman would land on an air bag.’

Snow joke: This time-lapse photo shows Jamie Pierre's world record-breaking, death-defying 250ft descent where he survives even after apparently landing on his head

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