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The Shadow Hour

The Shadow Hour


10:00 PM CST, TONIGHT:  Have you ever had a psychic event? Been a witness to a UFO encounter, or maybe even been abducted? Ever seen a strange creature you couldn’t explain? Do you have a ghost story you’d like to share?

Tonight, join host Chris Walden of the weekly live radio program “The Shadow Hour” for a special open-line call-in show. Chris will review this week’s “Shadow News” while callers share their stories. That call in number is (347) 826-9662 or call toll-free at (877) 867-0829.

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Loch Ness - local couple saw shape in the water

Move over, Bigfoot — Nessie’s back!  Glad to see our old friend is making headlines again. It was starting to seem like Sasquatch had been hogging all the spotlight lately.

FOYERS shop and cafe owner Jan Hargreaves and her husband Simon believe they caught a glimpse of Loch Ness’s most elusive resident — Nessie.

It was while taking a break on the store’s front decking — looking out to the loch — when Mrs Hargreaves and kitchen worker Graham Baine spotted an unusual figure cutting a strange shape through the water.

“We were standing looking out and saw something that looked bizarre,” said Mrs Hargreaves.

“I said to my husband to come and have a look.

“We stand here all the time and look out and we see boats and kayaks but it didn’t look like anything we have seen here before.”

Despite the unidentified creature being quite a distance from their vantage point, 51-year-old Mrs Hargreaves said it had a long neck which was too long to be that of a seal and it was black in appearance.

“It went under the water and disappeared for probably 30 to 40 seconds and then came back up again,” said Mrs Hargreaves.

“It was around for a good four to five minutes. It was just so strange.”

Keen to stress she is not seeking publicity, Mrs Hargreaves does firmly believe what she saw was the Loch Ness Monster.

“It was so exciting,” she declared.

Since August last year, The Waterfall Cafe and Foyers Stores with post office, opposite the village’s famous Falls of Foyers, has been run by Mr and Mrs Hargreaves.

Nessie hunter Steve Feltham, who lives in a former mobile library turned research centre on Dores beach, said he heard about the possible sighting when he popped into the store last week and believes because it was from residents rather than tourists, it is more credible.

“I’m excited by the fact it was locals who had seen it,” said Mr Feltham.

“It’s quite a distance from the shop to the water and they watch everything that goes on there.

“For them to be impressed then there is a possibility it could have been Nessie.”

What particularly excited Mr Feltham was that it was from the exact same vantage point where Tim Binsdale shot the best footage of the legendary creature back in 1960.


Read more:  http://www.inverness-courier.co.uk/News/Loch-Ness-Monster-sighting-reported-by-locals-21062011.htm







We’ve seen our fair share of Iron Man suits in the past, but this is the first time that we see the “pre” Iron Man suit from the Iron Man series (the one tony stark made on the cave)

The suit was made by 25 year old Wang Xiao kang, he became a huge fan of the series after the movie came out in 2008. He works at ZTE the huge Multi National Telecommunications company out of China. He spent nearly 3,000 yuan (about $460) and spent 3 months in construction time until he finally finished the realistic Iron man Suit.

Wang Xiao, claims that he’s not very good with DIY equipment, and he started to learn how to do just about everything from Google searches, he found forums that talked about props, and he began to search for behind the scenes of the iron man movies to learn how they did the parts.


Read more:  http://tek-bull.com/2011/06/chinese-man-builds-ultra-realistic-iron-man-suit.html



Something isn't quite right with this picture. What's that floating above the soundboard? (Courtesy Karen Hanlon)


People at a wedding reception at the Newman Wine Vaults in St. John’s believe they caught an image of an uninvited and otherworldly guest.

Newlyweds Matt White and Danielle Hann said one of their friends was shocked by the digital image she took at the June 18 event.

“Karen [Hanlon] was staring at this camera and she came running out with the camera saying, ‘Look what I just took! Look what I just took! There’s somebody in the picture,” said White.

On the right-hand side of the photograph, some see a figure that seems to be wearing a white top and floating in the air.

“Somehow it’s not as creepy in the daylight,” said White.

But it still makes Hann uneasy.

“I don’t know, it’s still creepy,” she said.

St. John’s folklorist Dale Jarvis said it might be explained away as a reflection or a light flare, but he added that the Newman Wine Vaults does have a haunting history.

“It is one of those places that continually generates new ghost stories. So, this is part of that tradition for the space,” said Jarvis, who has collected many St. John’s ghost stories.

Jarvis is the organizer of the city’s “haunted hike” – a tour of the downtown area that recounts many of the stories he has been told.

The Newfoundland and Labrador Heritage website said the history of the wine vault is unclear.

It’s believed to have been built in the early 19th century, and was used by the English mercantile firm Newman and Company to age port wine from Portugal in St. John’s – a tradition that began in the late 17th century and continued until the late 19th century.


Read more:  http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/newfoundland-labrador/story/2011/06/21/nl-ghost-621.html


World first: Ecci's creators say it is the most advanced robot ever created with tendons, muscles, bones, a brain and the visual capability of a human


It looks like a stripped-down version of Star Wars character C-3PO.

But this robot is science fact not fiction – and one of the most advanced in the world.

Ecci, as it has been named, is the first ever robot to have ‘muscles’ and ‘tendons’, as well as the ‘bones’ they help move. All made of a specially developed plastic.

And most advanced of all, it also has a brain with the ability to correct its mistakes – a trait previously only seen in humans.

Developed by a team of scientists at the University of Zurich, Ecci, is short for Eccerobot. Ecce in Latin means Lo or Behold.

The robot uses a series of electric motors to move the joints the tendons are connected to.

And a computer built into the brain of Ecci allows him to learn from his mistakes.

If, for example, a movement is causing him to stumble or drop something – the information is studied and analysed to avoid making the same mistake next time.

Learning from its mistakes: The robot has a brain that allows it to analyse data if a movement causes it to stumble or drop something - thereby ensuring it does not happen again

The creation also has the same vision capacity of humans too, despite only having one cyclops style eye.

The scientists now hope their creation will usher in a whole new generation for robots – and could aid development of artificial limbs.



Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2007740/Ecci-worlds-advanced-robot-muscles-tendons–ability-correct-mistakes.html#ixzz1QEcKrmcu



Well, I just finished watching the live broadcast of the press conference today revealing the supposed Bigfoot evidence found by Sanger Paranormal, and I’ve got to say I was less than impressed.

Here are the photos they released today. They are said to show the face and hand/knuckle prints of a Bigfoot that supposedly was peering into the windows of one of the investigators’ vehicles.

What do you think?  Bigfoot? Or bear?






Tonight on THE SHADOW HOUR: To Sleep, Perchance to Dream

The Shadow Hour

The Shadow Hour

Posted by Chris Walden

10:00 PM CST, TONIGHT:  Once again, it is that time of the week… time to ease into your favorite chair, sit back and relax as we explore the sublime world of the strange, the odd, and the unusual. It’s time once again for… The Shadow Hour.

Tonight we’ll be joined by Diane Pascual, an expert on dream interpretation, to talk about how our dreams speak to us.

As always, the lines will be open and we encourage you to call in with your questions. The call in number for tonight’s show is (347) 826-9662 or call toll-free at (877) 867-0829.

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See you in the shadows, if you dare…



A couple of days ago Jeffrey Gonzalez, founder of Sanger Paranormal, put out the following press release :

For Immediate Release

*********** MEDIA ADVISORY**********

Potentially the Most Convincing Evidence of Bigfoot Since the Patterson Film of 1967

We have an full upper body impression including half of its face On the passenger side window of a pickup truck

And on the drivers side window, the Nostrils, Nose and Lips of a Bigfoot

Who: World Media – Please RSVP to SangerParanormal@aol.com
We will contact you to confirm your attendance

What: No, it’s not a Bigfoot in a Freezer and we are not affiliated with those guys in any way. This evidence was captured during an expedition in the High
Sierra’s of California during the Memorial Day weekend of 2011. There were a total of 5 people in attendance who made the discovery. Three of those people

1. Is an award winning High School Principal with a Masters Degree, Formerly a Science Teacher and a former investigator for www.BFRO.com.

2. Correctional Officer for 19 years and is Employed at a prison in California. Was featured on a Episode of Monster Quest titled” the Sierra Sasquatch”.

3. Is a Employe at AT&T Telephone. Associates Degree in Electronics. Founder of the www.SangerParanormalSociety.com

Also, a 14 year Forensic Specialist who is friends with 2 of the people mentioned above was called out to come and take photos and swab For DNA……

This location where the evidence was captured is known for heavy Bigfoot activity And has been regularly visited by the investigators mentioned above.

When: June 23, 2011 at 4:00 pm (Pacific)

Where: Piccadilly Inn, Banquet Hall
5115 E. McKinley Ave
Fresno, Calif. 93727
559-251-6000 fax-559-251-6956
Directly across from Fresno Yosemite International Airport


Today Loren Coleman of cryptomundo.com posted the alleged photo on the site (Coleman received the image from one of his readers, Rick Sheen, who had saved the photo from Sanger’s own website, where it appeared briefly before being removed from the site). Here it is:



Now apparently the main stream media has picked up on the story as well. Responding to Loren Coleman’s lead on the story, here’s what Lee Spiegel of AOL News reported:

California Bigfoot investigators were shocked over Memorial Day weekend when they found strange markings and hair on their pickup truck windows.

Now, they’re hoping DNA tests will prove once and for all the existence of the legendary man-beast.

“On the passenger side window, when I first saw it, I almost threw up,” said Jeffrey Gonzalez, an AT&T electronics technician and founder of the Sanger Paranormal Society.

Gonzalez and several others were in California’s Sierra National Forest searching for evidence to confirm the reality of the creature. When it started to snow at their campsite, they were forced to leave two of their vehicles behind.

“Two days later, we came back to pick up our vehicles and that’s when we found the impressions,” Gonzalez told AOL Weird News, recalling what he and his companions noticed on the passenger window.

“Apparently, the creature was looking in the window and left behind dirt and oil on it, leaving such an awesome picture, you can see the nose, the eye, the hair all over the face and the shoulders — it’s creepy, and it’s not a bear.”

Gonzalez and his friends — including a former science teacher and a correctional officer — also found a 12-inch footprint at the site. They concluded their hairy intruder wasn’t a bear because none of the four ice chests that were filled with food on the back of Gonzalez’s truck had been touched.

But it wasn’t just the passenger side window that presented a surprise — the driver’s side of the truck showed the imprint of a much larger creature, strongly suggesting there were two unexplained visitors to the campsite.

“An impression was left of a nose, eyes and lips, but they were extremely large,” Gonzalez said. “The lips measured about 6 inches long. You can see that the whole face was full of hair, so when it leaned up against the window, you can see the depth of the eye socket in the glass.

“I’ve shown people — non-believers — this photograph and this totally freaked them out.”

After Gonzalez returned home that day, he called a forensic expert to take DNA samples of the fur or hair that was left around the window impressions.


Read more: http://weirdnews.aol.com/2011/06/16/bigfoot-dna-evidence-face-impression-body-hair_n_877718.html#s271012


So what do our readers think?  Is the the first decent look the world has of the face of Bigfoot?  Please feel free to share your opinions below.



Fresh fears over a nuclear leak at the tsunami-ravaged Fukushima plant have re-ignited after a rabbit born close to the facility was discovered with no ears.

Locals have been left wondering whether this earless bunny, which was reportedly found near the facility at the end of last month, is the first sign of side effects from the nuclear catastrophe.

The Fukushima plant suffered catastrophic damage when a tsunami, triggered by an earthquake, swept through the facility in March, destroying reactors.

Following a blast at the plant that caused the initial leaks, Japanese officials warned people living near Fukushima to stay indoors, turn off their air conditioning and stop drinking tap water.

Since then, experts have been nervously watching radiation levels in the area around the plant to determine the extent of the leak.

Earlier this week it was revealed the Japanese government has more than doubled the estimate for the amount of radiation released by the plant.

The Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency – a government watchdog – also said during a briefing in Tokyo that it is now believed that reactor cores in some of the units at the plant melted more quickly than previously thought.

A video of the bunny was posted on YouTube and has quickly spread as an internet viral, labelled the ‘nuclear rabbit’.

However according to the website NY Daily News, experts are sceptical as to whether radiation could be responsible for the bunny’s lack of ears.

While high doses of radiation can cause cancer and other major health problems, radiation experts believe the likelihood of the rabbit’s strange features being a result of nuclear mutation is very slim.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2002249/Japan-tsunami-earthquake-Earless-bunny-born-near-Fukushima-raising-new-nuclear-fears.html#ixzz1P8U6WDL1




When you have almost 7,000 rings already, what’s one more?

Deemed as the “world’s most pierced woman,” Elaine Davidson married Douglas Watson, a conservatively-dressed, piercing-free civil servant, at a low-key wedding ceremony in Scotland, theTelegraph is reporting. The Brazilian-born Davidson, 46, opted for a flowing white dress and floral tiara, but offset the traditional look by painting her face — already studded with 192 piercings — green, blue and yellow.

At a recent count, Davidson, who lives and works in Edinburgh, had 6,925 piercings, included 1,500 that are “internal,” according to the Daily Mail. Despite his bride’s unconventional look and lifestyle, Watson, 60, couldn’t help but gush after the 35-minute ceremony. “Elaine looked astonishing,” he said. “People see the piercings, but I see the amazing personality underneath. We have known each other for a long time.”

Davidson was reportedly first certified as a Guinness World Record holder in 2000, when she had only 462 piercings. According to her website, Davidson never removes the rings and studs, which she estimates weigh a total of three kilos, and insists she is able to sleep soundly with all of her piercings in place as there is no pain involved.


Read more:   http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/06/09/elaine-davidson-worlds-most-pierced-woman-wedding-_n_874341.html

Tonight on THE SHADOW HOUR: Open Lines

The Shadow Hour

The Shadow Hour

10:00 PM CST, TONIGHT:  Have you ever had a psychic event? Been a witness to a UFO encounter, or maybe even been abducted? Ever seen a strange creature you couldn’t explain? Do you have a ghost story you’d like to share?

Tonight, join host Chris Walden of the weekly live radio program “The Shadow Hour” for a special open-line call-in show. Chris will review this week’s “Shadow News” while callers share their stories. That call in number is (347) 826-9662 or call toll-free at (877) 867-0829.

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Mark Wilkinson with his Titanic II sinking at West Bay in Dorset


When Mark Wilkinson took ownership of a cabin cruiser called Titanic II, perhaps he should have realised the omens were not good.

When he took his new 16ft boat out for its maiden voyage, it lived up to its namesake, and sank.

Mr Wilkinson was left floundering as the vessel sprang a leak and began taking on water before disappearing beneath the waves.

Holidaymakers looked on while Mr Wilkinson, from Birmingham, was pulled out of the sea by the local harbour master.

Titanic II was was later towed out of West Bay harbour in Dorset.

Mr Wilkinson, aged in his 40s, said afterwards: “If it wasn’t for the harbour master I would have gone down with the Titanic.

“It’s all a bit embarrassing and I got pretty fed up with people asking me if I had hit an iceberg.”

He had recently taken ownership of the second hand boat and towed it from his home to the south coast for its first outing.

He enjoyed a successful fishing trip in Lyme Bay but as the boat entered the harbour a large hole opened up in the fibre-glass hull.

He tried to pump the water out but was forced to abandoned ship when the boat sunk stern first.

Margaret O’Callaghan, 63, was one of dozens of tourists on the quayside who witnessed the sinking.

She said: “The guy was in a small cruiser on his own. Someone said to me, ‘that boat is sinking.’

“There was a big guy desperately holding on to the wheel and the back of the boat was going down.

“I shouted at him to jump as the back of the boat went right down and the bow was sticking out of the water.

“He clung on to the nose and the tide took the boat in. Someone threw a rope and tied it up to the side.

“The harbourmaster came out in a RIB and managed to secure it and get it on to the slipway.

“The funny thing about it was that the name of the boat was Titanic II.

“The guy seemed fine. He got out and was standing on the side dripping wet.”

One eye-witness said: “It wasn’t a very big boat – I think an ice-cube could have sunk it!”


Read more:   http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/newstopics/howaboutthat/8559138/Titanic-II-sinks-on-maiden-voyage.html


Supatra "Nat" Sasuphan, the world's hairiest child.


Scientists have discovered a genetic mutation responsible for a disorder that causes people to sprout thick hair on their faces and bodies.

Hypertrichosis, sometimes called “werewolf syndrome” is a very rare condition, with fewer than 100 cases documented worldwide. But researchers knew the disorder runs in families, and in 1995 they traced the approximate location of the mutation to a section of the X chromosome (one of the two sex chromosomes) in a Mexican family affected by hypertrichosis.

Men with the syndrome have hair covering their faces and eyelids, while women grow thick patches on their bodies. In March, a Thai girl with the condition got into the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s hairiest child.

A man in China with congenital hypertrichosis helped researchers break the case. Xue Zhang, a professor of medical genetics at the Peking Union Medical College, tested the man and his family and found an extra chunk of genes on the X chromosome. The researchers then returned to the Mexican family and also found an extra gene chunk (which was different from that of the Chinese man) in the same location of their X chromosomes. [Top 10 Worst Hereditary Conditions]

The extra DNA may switch on a hair-growth gene nearby, resulting in runaway furriness. The best bet for a culprit, wrote study researcher Pragna Patel of the University of Southern California, is a gene called SOX3, which is known to play a role in hair growth.

“If in fact the inserted sequences turn on a gene that can trigger hair growth, it may hold promise for treating baldness or hirsutism [excessive hair growth] in the future, especially if we could engineer ways to achieve this with drugs or other means,” Patel said in a statement.

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/scitech/2011/06/04/scientists-find-werewolf-gene/#ixzz1OVj5W9sF



An American ‘armchair astronomer’ claims he has discovered a strange structure on the surface of Mars while browsing Google.

David Martines was scanning Google Mars when he discovered the long white edifice and has even listed the coordinates (49’19.73″N 29 33’06.53″W) so others can see it for themselves.

Mr Martines posted a video of the ‘station’ on YouTube which has been viewed more than 200,000 times.



On the video, he talks through the discovery he has named “Bio-Station Alpha”. “It’s very unusual in that it’s quite large, it’s over 700 feet (210m) long and 150 feet (45m) wide. It looks like it’s a cylinder or made up of cylinders,” he says.

“It could be a power station or it could be a biological containment or it could be a glorified garage — hope it’s not a weapon.

“I don’t know if NASA even knows about this.”

NASA and Google have yet to respond to media inquiries.


Source:  http://news.ninemsn.com.au/technology/8257609/mysterious-structure-discovered-on-mars


These times they are a-changin

Old sketch of Doc RavencraftSteve has asked me to introduce myself before I tell you what I have to say. I’m Saul Ravencraft, but most friends call me “Doc.”  I’ve been helping the Museum of the Weird behind the scenes for a while now as what you might call a practitioner of the esoteric arts. I am not a paranormal investigator who bumps around in the dark with a collection of gadgetry, hoping for “evidence” that I can show my buddies in the cubical on Monday. I get my hands dirty, sometimes damned dirty, as I walk with the things that many people just don’t want to believe. It’s probably better for them. They can spend their time watching reality TV and sports on seven different screens and stay out of the way of the rest of us. But you, my friend, are not going to be so lucky. Your eyes are already at least partly opened or you wouldn’t even know that the Museum of the Weird existed. 

You have probably noticed, as I have, that there has been an increase in weird news. Sightings of strange animals like Bigfoot have become more common, and more commonly reported. UFO activity has gone off the charts. Suddenly, even the TV is filled with programs about ghosts and the paranormal. You think this is a coincidence? Ha! There are no coincidences.

Is it the end of the world? Not hardly – at least not “The World.” It’s going to be the end of some people’s world as they are finally going to have to face up to the fact that some of the strange things that they have been ignoring and explaining away will not be ignored. They are going to have to deal with the fact that some of the people around them are going to wake up and tune into these things and they won’t know what to do about it.

You may remember the song – or you’re probably to damned young to know about it – “The Age of Aquarius.” (The full lyrics are available on this web page.) Yes, this song is full of the time it was written,  (you wait until your grandkids laugh at some of your favorite music) but they’ve essentially got it right. We are moving into a new age, from that ruled by Pisces, the fish, to Aquarius, the water-bearer.

The age before Pisces was Aries, characterized by war and fire (and ironically use of the battering “ram”.) This was a time of conquest and adventure. The age of iron. In the age of Pisces we saw the rise in Christianity – complete with a symbol of a fish – among other similar paths which called upon all people to be more spiritual in nature. You could argue that this age has been as warlike as any of them, but now it’s been for a nobler, more spiritual purpose!

The Aquarian age is going to be filled with new freedoms as everyone is empowered to move beyond our work-horse existence into something more personally fulfilling. It’s already happening. The same technology that is giving you up-to-the-minute reports on UFO sightings, complete with maps and video, are also providing access to old information, as occult and other older writings are being made available through the Internet. People who thought that they were the only one’s who had ever had a paranormal experience are now finding others, so they can finally discuss what happened and what it really means. People who had never dared to experiment with contacting spirits, working with the powers of their mind, or trying their hand at magic are becoming curious again.

Yes, yes, science will continue to progress and we will have wonderful things from it all… but how we partake of those things will change, for the better. It won’t all change immediately for everyone. We’re at the very beginning of this age, but it is changing. I know that you can feel it.

If your mind is open and you’ve always wanted to explore the weird, that’s natural. We’re being called to that. Those who take up the call are going to make some amazing discoveries, that will be dwarfed by the people after us. Those who block it out are going to be confused and angry. (You know some of them!)  Stay tuned here and I’ll try to do something for those of you that are ready.


The Shadow Hour

The Shadow Hour


Posted by Chris Walden

10:00 PM CST, TONIGHT:  Once again, it is that time of the week… time to ease into your favorite chair, sit back and relax as we explore the sublime world of the strange, the odd, and the unusual. It’s time once again for… The Shadow Hour.

Our favorite horror film host, Joseph Fotinos (a.k.a. Professor Griffin) comes back for our periodic discussion of horror movies and lore.  We’ll talk about what’s coming out this summer, what’s sitting on the DVD shelves and the classics.

As always, the lines will be open and we encourage you to call in with your questions. The call in number for tonight’s show is (347) 826-9662 or call toll-free at (877) 867-0829.

Listen right here with our blogtalkradio widget in the sidebar. You can listen to past broadcasts at any time, or tune in every Wednesday at 10pm Central for the live broadcast.

See you in the shadows, if you dare…



Did the coastline of the Konkan, from Shrivardhan in Raigad to Vengurla in Sindhudurg, have human habitation around 8,000 years ago? Did that population have well-developed engineering skills? Was there a unique Konkan culture in existence in 6,000BC? The latest discovery in the field of archaeology, below the sea waters of Konkan coast, could answer these questions with a big resounding‘Yes!’

In what could turn out to be a major discovery,researchers have found a wall-like structure, which is 24km long, 2.7m in height, and around 2.5m in width. The structure shows uniformity in construction. “The structure is not continuous from Shrivardhan to Raigad, but it is uniform. It has been found 3m below the present sea level. Considering the uniformity of the structure, it is obvious that the structure is man-made,” said Dr Ashok Marathe, department of archaeology, Deccan College Postgraduate and Research Institute, Pune.

This joint expedition carried out by Deccan College, Pune and Department of Science and Technology, Central Government, has been in progress since 2005. “We were actually studying the impacts of tsunami and earthquake on western coast when we first found this structure in Valneshwar,” said Marathe.

However, the age of the structure was decided on the basis of sea level mapping. “There have been exhaustive studies about the sea water coming inside the land. Based on the calculations, experts from the National Institute of Oceanography (NIO) pegged the age of the wall at around 6,000 BC,” Marathe informed.

The discovery has raised a number of questions, such as how these huge stones were brought to the shore? What was the purpose behind building this wall? If the date of the wall is accurate, then is it the same age as the Indus civilisation? Why have none of the researchers till date, found or made any mention of this civilisation? Marathe, who will be retiring in July 2011, has asked more people to try to find answers to these questions.


Read more:  http://www.dnaindia.com/mumbai/report_a-civilisation-as-old-as-indus-valley_1547987